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The most intelligent mail on the planet


Imperial Press Direct’s true “niche” is our “Smart Mail” program. Any company out there can sell you “direct mail”…but only at IPD does your direct mail become intelligent. We implement today’s cutting edge tracking and response technology, such as: IVR, Real Call, BDC, PURLS, Textability, Email, and QR codes in every one of our campaigns. This assures that none of your leads will ever slip through the cracks. Imperial Press Direct provides all of this and sews it up into one CRM lead track management system that is easy to use. And if that wasn’t smart enough…. we’ve implemented our “Second Wind” component which is designed to extend the offer insuring you get everything out of every lead. So if BlackBook is your choice or if you need a credit-based lead program to drive in qualified showroom traffic… Imperial Press Direct helps car dealerships target qualified consumers to reach the best customer for your needs.

Response Rate

Direct Mail - 0.8%
Smart Mail - 2%

Proven Results

25 - 0 Deliveries
$0 Per Copy

What Makes Us Different

Mail is the beginning… not the end

  • Live Lists

    Freshest leads on the market straight from Equifax and Black Book

  • Real Call

    Live call from our BDC bringing front of mind awareness to the mailer your customer will be receiving

  • Response Methods

    IVR, PURLS, BDC, Text, QR codes, credit app line, email..

  • BDC

    We have an in house BDC that sends appointments to your dealership with stips in hand

  • Second Wind

    7 days after your mail drops we send and letter to your customers extending the offer

Recognized Clientele

Approved Vendor

Approved Vendor

Approved Vendor

Powerful Partnerships

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Move Iron

The amazing smart mail product streamlines the process of bringing customers to your dealership.